Southern Survey & Design


From Concept to Completion



A majority of our work is completed in the Midstream aspect of the Energy Industry. From the meter site located on the well pad to the sales point and beyond, Southern Survey and Design will meet your team on location to design routes, complete alignment sheets and tract plats, construction stake the route, and complete as-built data collection.



Survey Technicians can establish or tie into existing local area control for seamless integration into our clientís workflow. Targets, benchmarks, and azimuth marks maintained near worksites pays dividends and lowers liability. Techniques used for data collection could include differential leveling, static GNSS, and/or closed traverse loops.


Working with company representatives onsite and in the office, Southern Survey and Design can create the centerline alignments necessary for getting from point A to point B and fulfilling every requirement in between. Our technicians are skilled in subsurface locating, on surface topographic collection, and recognizing land and construction restraints to begin a great job.


Southern Survey and Design has two Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS) and a Licensed State Land Surveyor (LSLS) on staff in the state of Texas, and a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) for the state of Louisiana. We comply with the state’s licensing boards and are active members of multiple state and national professional survey societies. Our firm is capable to certify legal documents, as well as certify data and control monuments under our seals and signatures.


Our office works in several GIS software platforms to create custom maps for our clients. Either by populating our data ourselves or by data provided by clearinghouses or the client, we can produce and publish in print or in digital delivery options. Please contact one of our GIS specialist or Project Managers on your mapping needs.


A wealth of information is provided on alignment sheets to include plan and profile, ownership information, significant stationing, annotations, aerial imagery underlay, and title blocks produced to our clients drafting standards. Southern Survey and Design has several dedicated drafters on staff to deliver.


From the alignment sheets, Southern Survey and Design can create individual plats of the project from station entering and station exiting, individual rod lengths or square footage per parcel owner.


Contact Southern Survey and Design for staking route centerlines: at stations, at points of inflection, bore entrance and exits, right of way limits, clearing limits, and work space limits. Our crews are available at every point of the construction process.


From the wellhead to the meter loop, from the tank battery through the gathering system, after the central processing facility. Let us help you get your product to market. How short is your line or how far do you want to go? Our team of surveyors can facilitate your route work.


Our field crews collect as many attributes as possible on as many features as possible: pipes, welds, flanges, valves, vessels, bores, marking every asset in the construction phase. That is what Southern Survey and Design excels at and we do it in whatever schema our client specifies to deliver in geodatabases. The document delivery could also include weld map diagrams and pipe tally reports to help subsidize your inspector’s books. We work at the pace of construction. For an office presentation, please gather your GIS team, your corporate administrators, and your field operators for a Southern Survey and Design presentation to begin work on your next construction project.


The greatest wealth of information is collected during the open ditch construction of pipelines. However, data integrity and position accuracy is critical in the 21st century as our office works to format record and historical data into usable databases to our client’s database schema. Let Southern Survey and Design implement subsurface location methods to collect closed ditch pipeline information in your field.

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