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GNSS Solutions



Geomatics is the application of measuring the Earth based on global positioning. The combination of the American Global Positioning System GPS, the European Galileo constellation, the Russian GLONASS, and other constellations create a Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS.


In the Field

Southern Survey and Design uses the latest GNSS receivers for in the field positioning and data collection.  Receivers that are static are very accurate, but not very mobile.  Receivers that are mobile are very convenient, but not very accurate!  Our field equipment can combine advantages from both aspects by correcting GNSS observations in real time.

·        Static collection post processed with OPUS
·        GNSS Base broadcasting local corrections to a RTK Rover
·        RTK Rover receiving Network Corrections
·        Sub Meter Handheld GIS data collection

Coordinate Reference Systems

GNSS equipment has forced technicians to become amateur geodesist, measuring points on the surface of the Earth.  Settings on the field controller will convert angular measurements of latitude and longitude to projected coordinates using plane and vertical datums.  With the increase in technology, Southern Survey and Design is prepared for the release of the next reference system in 2022 and its relevance to other historical datums like NAD83 and NAD27.

Plant Grid

Most sites have multiple coordinate systems, a combination of geodetic coordinate systems and localized, assumed grids on plane, with a 1.00000 scaling factor.  Our technicians have no problems understanding and utilizing these systems to combine GNSS positioning equipment for measurement and layout.

GIS Applications

Southern Survey to utilize remote sensing data in unison with “Boots on the Ground” for wide scale mapping. Field to Office, Data to Client, Design to Build, Southern Survey and Design’s workflow profits our clients. Please contact your project manager for control parameters on your next project and enjoy the value of accurate positioning.