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Spatial Support Services for Midstream



Southern Survey and Design’s experience as service providers in the integrity aspect of midstream companies is extensive with several miles of open ditch as-built data collection, subsurface location, depth of cover surveys, in-line tool tracking, and anomaly dig staking. The leadership of our company have successfully completed multiple consulting projects as solution architects for global petroleum corporations and continue to implement mapping solutions.


System mapping

Improving data quality in transmission and gathering systems is one of the best returns on investment a midstream company will implement. Southern Survey and Design project managers adapt our workflow to our client’s enterprise data model and deliver solutions to the end-user group. If poor mapping data is costing you in lost profit margins and misplaced operations, we can help. Southern Survey and Design can populate and validate the necessary spatial data to fulfil PHMSA, DOT Title 49 CFR Parts 192-195 Integrity Management Programs and §195.404 Maps and Records.

GIS Database population

Enterprise GIS database architecture has been commonly implemented in the petroleum industry for several decades and the applications have permeated all management systems. If your Integrity Management Program is in need of digitizing and sourcing data into GIS, Southern Survey and Design can help improve the completeness and quality of your data. Incomplete and inaccurate data is costly to the end-user. Often a third party GIS consultant is the best solution to improve GIS applications.

subsurface location

Locative accuracy is central to dataset clean up and necessary to reduce costs in Integrity Management Programs. Whether it be miles of subject line locating using direct frequency locators, site specific ground penetrating radar, or positive verification by probe rod, Southern Survey and Design technicians are experienced and qualified.

above ground marker (AGM) site selection

Prior to running in-line tools, trust a geospatial expert to establish AGM locations. Whether it be a data format from your GIS department, .kmz information from a personal computer, hard copy documents in hand and .PDF, or a site specific meeting at the launching and receiving points, Southern Survey and Design can select the site placement of the Above Ground Markers to our client’s unique project. Identifiable monuments and data sheets will help develop your pigging process.

in-line tool and pig tracking

Southern Survey and Design can deploy personnel 24 hours a day for miles of tracking and develop timelines to assure pass through data is collected. We work with our clients and the ILI vendors to pre-deploy boxes and produce post-run reports. Our project managers, field supervisors, and party chiefs are the first choice for implementing a tracking plan and help to prevent costly tool re-runs.

dig staking anomalies

When accurate staking of anomalies is necessary to reduce repair cost and prevent additional liabilities, Southern Survey and Design can decipher tool run data and calculate positions on the earth. Regardless of the tool sophistication, we have successfully staked anomalies from corrupted or lack of data in challenging environments. Additional benchmarking can be maintained throughout the repair site as necessary and we offer the same full benefit of as-built data collectors in these site specific repairs as we would in new construction.

depth of cover surveys and pipeline elevation profiles

Regardless of the terrain, vegetation, and water depths, we traverse your onshore assets. Our deliverables can be data forward spreadsheets, customized to the client’s existing workflow to include slope of pipe and coordinates of exposures, or a team of drafters at Southern Survey and Design can deliver alignment sheets with multiple viewports.

as-built data collection

Experience matters in as-built data collection. Southern Survey and Design customizes our data input to the client’s data model, procedures, and requirements. Our workflows assure data integrity in high hazard construction environments. Southern Survey and Design performs at the pace of construction, with complete attribution, accurate with high precision, at a cost to the client that guarantees the price paid for data collection returns on the investment throughout the lifespan of the asset.

as-built documentation

Pipeline construction projects already rely on Southern Survey and Design for data collection, and our clients rely on Southern Survey and Design for data driven deliverables. Whether it be a .GDB with complete feature class attribution, tabular data, or raw data exports from the data collector, our office delivers. Weldmap diagrams, alignment sheets, and professional exhibits can all be processed from the as-built data to complete your project. Both owners and constructors rely on documentation from Southern Survey and Design.

AGM data sheet.PNG