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Established in 2009 at the request of our clients, Southern Survey and Design offers land surveying and consulting services to private individuals and companies who do business in title work, realty, engineering, construction, and the energy industry in the Southern United States. In 2013, Trendsetter Construction, Inc. acquired Southern Survey and Design after years of retaining our company as consultants. Our staff is now part of a winning team that employees over 240 people at Trendsetter Construction, Inc. Located in White Oak, Texas, with additional offices in Carthage and Monahans, Southern Survey and Design has striven to become an East Texas industry leader.

Southern Survey and Design provide a wide range of surveying, data collection, and data application services to clients. We know than accurate and complete surveys are an essential component for the cost effective and efficient execution of your next project. Specializing in topographic design and construction layout, our field experience in surveying is extensive.

Over the past ten years Southern Survey Company has worked in engineering topo design and construction for municipal development: sewage, water, sidewalks, and facilities. We have also continued to excel in legal boundary work with two Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyors, a Texas Licensed State Land Surveyor, and a Louisiana Public Land Surveyor on staff. For the past seven years, Southern Survey and Design has pushed the limits of 3D data capture and application by using phase based, terrestrial LiDAR in piping facilities, mechanical rooms, and a multi-building campus scan. We have also included UAS for raster data collection, inspection, and structure from motion technologies.

Our team and has been integral in the field development of GIS data collection as consultants for major petroleum companies. We are part of your solution and continue to be “Your First Call, Leaders in Surveying.”

Trendsetter believes that our employees are one of the key components to providing superior services.

Trendsetter believes that our employees are one of the key components to providing superior services.