Southern Survey & Design


Accuracy. Precision. Stability.



Southern Survey and Design continues to work in plant environments weekly performing the most technical aspects of surveying. From Green Field to Brown Field and all capex projects in between, we use terrestrial LiDAR, prismless total stations, and GNSS to collect existing mechanical and structural detail for design. This information is applied onsite during construction as our technicians establish and validate plant control for construction layout of piers, footings, and anchor bolts.



Permanent control points in facilities and plants pay dividends throughout the life of the plant. Whether monuments exist and need to be published and maintained in the field or if Southern Survey and Design technicians need to build permanent concrete monuments and establish the coordinate system, our clients rely on our accuracy and data integrity for the task.


Using Southern Survey and Design’s proprietary line and point codes, or schema defined by the client, technicians collect important horizontal and vertical side shots by various optical, real time kinetic GNSS equipment, and terrestrial LiDAR scanners. Our office delivers a wide array of raw data, 3D polylines, surface models, and .pdf exhibits to our clients.


Pieced together from field notes, survey data, construction plans, and point cloud data. Southern Survey and Design can create isometric, plan, and profile pipe diagrams from fabrication to publication.


Southern Survey and Design works in facilities daily establishing survey control for construction projects and staking the civil foundations, structural bolts, form checking, pre pour permits, and any feature in planset to reality. Our resume includes the Beckville Gas Plant for PCL, Mt. Olive Plant in Ruston LA for ISTI PennTex, the Arcadia Gas Plant, the Anadarko Compressor Station in Carthage, and several other large facilities around Texas and Louisiana.


Localized resources can be measured using pointclouds. Our scanners are capable of collecting less than 5 minute scans at 30m range with optional color and high resolutions. Facilities, piping, vessels, and production equipment can be scanned in a few hours. Safe, accurate, and cost efficient scans can be delivered at Level 1 Services and be processed into smart models with geodatabase delivery options.


Southern Survey and Design has pioneered technology to not only collect features and attributes of facility assets, but also collect high resolution imagery for forensic evidence in a geodatabase. This service hinges on Southern Survey and Design consulting with our clients to establish parameters, IT, and schema.


Southern Survey and Design can collect spherical photography of facilities for virtual tours. Please contact Southern Survey and Design to being the team building benefits of using Southern Survey and Design as professional consultants and data providers.


The best 3D deliverable for Southern Survey and Design is either the point cloud or the native scan files. Our preference is that our clients currently work in the 3D environments and establish their deliverable options. However, we are capable of modeling and delivering 3D data in a variety of digital and pdf formats.