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Since 2005, Southern Survey and Design party chiefs have been staking wells in Texas and supporting their efforts with quality plats and mapping options. Accurate information is the best return on your investment in the oil and gas industry. Currently, Southern Survey and Design is licensed in the states of Texas and Louisiana with exclusive dedicated customer service in Exploration as the only way to guaranty our good reputation.


Surface Research

No stranger to the courthouse or the abstractor’s office, Southern Survey and Design has the skills to subsidize your land agents and researchers to glean valuable usable information. The application of this research is classic survey and an art Southern Survey and Design has perfected over the years, with or without access to modern searchable databases.

Parcel Mapping

Southern Survey and Design can create polygon features from documents and reconcile boundary lines on several drafting platforms to create informative and aesthetically pleasing exhibits. Our office has large format printing options as well as electronic document delivery.

Aerial Imagery

Southern Survey and Design has multiple mapping software solutions to produce high resolution aerial images. Either by collecting the imagery by Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones), commissioned aviators, or digital downloads, we can georeference the imagery and publish to several platforms depending on our clients IT department or needs. Please contact a Project Manager for your next project.

Legal Boundary

Southern Survey and Design has two Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS) and a Licensed State Land Surveyor (LSLS) on staff in the state of Texas, and a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) for the state of Louisiana. We comply with the state’s licensing boards and are active members of multiple state and national professional survey societies. Our firm is capable to certify legal documents, as well as certify data and control monuments under our seals and signatures.

Unit Development

Often wide scale mapping options are needed to facilitate investors, permitting purposes, and insight on developing units. Turn that stack of papers into a usable map or exhibit.

Soft Staking

What looks good on paper might not look good staked on the ground. Often times the geologist report, the land managers agreements, and the ability to construct a pad are not in harmony. Contact Southern Survey to soft stake wells for consultation and begin the process of making a plan a reality. Some wells get built, some wells get moved, but let Southern Survey and Design help facilitate those decisions.

Exhibit Production

All of our hard work in the field and in the office come together to create the documents, plats, maps, and exhibits our clients need to move forward. Southern Survey can publish in multiple size formats to our client’s specifications and deliver in print or electronic copy.

Wellhead Staking

When it is official, let our field crews guarantee accuracy through the construction phase. No mistakes where you drill your next well: lathes, t-post, flagging, or just kicks in the dirt. It is customer service that our clients have come to expect.

Pad Layout

Southern Survey and Design is a subsidiary of a multistate civil construction company that can help design your pad to your rig. No matter the size, from 30 acres to 1 acres, Southern Survey and Design can help site balance your cut and fill, the footprint and orientation, and stake clearing limits, pad limits, pit locations, and create digital surface models for machine automated control.

Lease Road Staking

Use our years of experience to get your contractors in and out of your location safely, cost effectively, and in harmony with your land agents. Centerline stakes, Right of Way stakes, flagging, or digital corridor models for machine automated control will help bring your well to production.

Easement Preparation

If you need alignment sheets or individual tract plat for boundary purposes, our staff can produce the necessary exhibits for land managers and company representatives to limit liabilities and convey title. Please contact Southern Survey and Design for your next venture in Exploration.