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Our engineering and architecture services include topographic surveys, tree and wetland surveys, subdivision planning, transportation and aviation, utility elements, right-of-way maps, horizontal and vertical control networks, terrestrial LiDAR, subsurface locating, and technical inspection. Southern Survey and Design specializes in topographic surveys for large scale mapping projects and works with multiple national and local engineering firms.



Civil design projects often require real world data of existing features with elevations. Southern Survey and Design is the premier firm in the southern United States for topographic surveys. We establish accurate and permanent control points on the work site to guarantee data integrity throughout the project phases. Our field technicians code field descriptions and line work to be compatible with your design software.

Our office technicians can deliver more than an ASCII file and field notes, clients have asked for surface data and volume calculations.

Remember to contact Southern Survey and Design for your project compliance and bid proposals.


Some topographic surveys would require the location and type of trees to be surveyed. This is very time consuming and costly, but Southern Survey and Design has completed past jobs within budget and time constraints.

The location of mature trees is necessary for development to prevent destruction. Sometimes city ordinances require re-planting. We can produce full sized plats of contours and tree types for landscaping and irrigation.

Southern Survey and Design works with environmentalist to survey wetland delineation, archaeological sites, and brownfield areas of pollution for reclamation.


From the boundary acquisition, through the design phase, and into final plating, Southern Survey and Design represents our clients in the community and the county to completion. At any point in the process, our team will work as an important resource to make your dreams and profit a reality.

We maintain registered surveyors on staff for the preliminary survey. We collect topographic data for engineering firms to design drainage, utilities, and layout. Contact our office for back of curb and utility construction.

The best moment is when everyone signs the official plats and Southern Survey and Design puts our monument caps on lot corners.


Civil engineers depend on accurate and cost efficient data collected to design and construct our nation’s infrastructure. Our experience with TxDOT highways and airports is extensive. We use GNSS, GIS, and conventional total stations and levels to deliver data to the accuracy demanded and timeline expected. The data our field technicians collect can be delivered in Microstation, Autodesk, or ASCII files.

When you want professional surveyors in your next project meeting, Southern Survey and Design needs to be there. Contact our offices for bid proposals and contract requirements. Boundary, Topographic, Construction, Control, or Mapping, We are leaders in Surveying.


Whether it is 15’ or a major route survey, we can create the plats, descriptions, and alignment sheets to convey easement rights. Our experience includes waterlines, pipelines, underground utilities, overhead electric, right of way acquisition, and even avigation easements at airports. This is just another service Southern Survey and Design offers to button up your topographic job prior to construction or during the as built phase to clean up easement titles.


Wide scale boundary surveys are our specialty. Our deed research is extensive and often includes a land management company to coordinate. Our office can produce alignment sheets and individual tract plats for right of way acquisition.

If you need concrete monuments built for take lines on TxDOT projects, the employees of Southern Survey and Design have built over 800 monuments across the state of Texas.


Horizontal and Vertical control is essential for any construction site and topographic survey, whether it is localized or regional, contact Southern Survey and Design to maintain your data accuracy.

Our technicians specialize in establishing Local Area Networks for municipals and utility districts integrating to State Plane Coordinate Systems for GIS. Our field technicians can build stable brass capped concrete monuments with paddles, produce data reports, and maintain this control network for years to come.

Contact our office for aerial targets or specific control needs on a per project basis. No job is too small or too big.

Terrestrial Lidar

This is the most advanced and thorough measuring technique available to surveyors for data acquisition. Imagine collecting one million points a second, registering the data into a point cloud, and rendering models for design and presentation. This allows surveyors to provide clients better information, at a faster rate, and in areas where safety and access are an issue.

Processing point clouds is now an industry standard and Southern Survey and Design integrates into your current workflow. We can create 3d pdf and isometric as built drawings of petroleum facilities, power infrastructure, architecture, and Building Information Models (BIM).

Our team approaches these complex mapping projects from a consulting management position. Risk mitigation studies, work site compliance, and team coordination among subcontractors is key for your return on investment. Contact Casey Cockrell at Southern Survey and Design to schedule a meeting with your administrators, supervisors, and operators.


Are features of your civil construction project within tolerance? Do you need a third party with an expertise in measurement to survey multiphase construction? Southern Survey and Design is available to certify elevations and locations for sub base, forms, final grade, finished paving and concrete. Our Technical Inspection services include GNSS site calibration as well.

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