Southern Survey & Design


Asset Collection and Management



It is our obsession to improve data quality for enterprise data systems. We do this by validating position, increasing feature class attribution, and improving the completeness of the data set. If you have managed assets spread out across America, Southern Survey and Design is your one call consultant to implement a data quality improvement program. Our staff has years of experience and insight having presented multiple white papers on the subject to C-suite clients and national data organizations.



Southern Survey and Design works with our clients to develop efficient database options. By using PODS, APDM, a variation there of or a proprietary schema provided to us by our clients, we are a GIS service provider collecting every feature and attribute available. Southern Survey and Design is the boots on the ground to populate geodatabases.


Contact a Southern Survey and Design project manager to begin establishing a custom workflow. Our office can retrofit previous projects to fit into your current GIS schema and compile data from other sources to present the most accurate and populate databases available. This service extends beyond the energy industry and into any industry that values information on the face of the earth.


The information collected and compiled by Southern Survey and Design has a wealth of applications. Primarily the interest of clients who would like to better manage their assets for profit. There is no substitution for accurate and organized data when it comes to safety.


Southern Survey and Design has multiple subsurface locators used to collect depths and location of pipelines throughout our work day. With the implementation of ground penetrating radar, we can accurately find and map even more areas around valve settings and facilities where location may be lost to time or human memory.


The best way to collect data is during the new construction phase while the assets are exposed. Any regulated line or any pipeline after the central processing facility needs as built documentation. This information can be compiled and delivered by Southern Survey and Design.


Our office works in several GIS software platforms to create custom maps for our clients. Either by populating our data ourselves or by data provided by clearinghouses or the client, we can produce and publish in print or in digital delivery options. Please contact one of our GIS specialist or Project Managers on your mapping needs.


Historical data can be collected and databases improved upon. Southern Survey and Design has completed miles of closed ditch GIS projects for XTO, Anadarko, Blue Knight Energy Partners, and Energy Production to allow our clients better use of their facilities. Daily we populate GIS information for OneCall and populate features and attributes for professional GIS departments.